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Smartedge lawn edge

For years now I have been searching for an edging material that will look good, is easy to 'fit', is strong, and of course, economical. AT LAST I have found the answer:

SMARTEDGE® - the lawn edging system
Smartedge is made from 2mm thick polypropelene and so is strong it takes the weight of a garden tractor, and will last for many years (20+). 
I first found it when it was being developed and had some of the first rolls at the garden I was managing so was able to test the product.
It is a brilliant idea (I wish had thought of it!) and the concept is so simple. And it works!

Smartedge® comes in 3 different lengths: 5m, 10m, 50m, and can only be sent to UK Mainland.

Full instructions for fitting Smartedge are available Here including videos for installing the Smartedge and for using the fixing pins