Sky Meadow Seedballs - wildflower seed mix

Sky Blue Meadow Mix Seed balls - Native Mix Wildflower Seeds. Great For Bees & Butterfies!
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Product description

You are looking at a brand new tin of Seedballs Sky Meadow mix

Did you know that bees see colour in a different way to humans? They respond to blue and ultraviolet light. This mix is designed to provide an attractive mix of blue wildflowers to bring the bees in!
  • 20 balls per tin, 75 seeds per ball.
  • Easy to use, simply scatter on top of soil in a garden bed or planter.
  • Scatter in spring or autumn. Sprouts seen in 4-6 weeks.

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)
Height: 90cm
Flowers: June to August


Forget-me-not (Myosotis arvensis)
Short annual with blue-grey flowers occasionally interspersed with pink flowers. 
Height: 10-40cm.
Flowers: April to October

Meadow cranesbill (Geranium pratense)
Height: 30-70cm
Flowers: June to September


Self heal (Prunella vulgaris)
Height: 10-50cm
Flowers: June to September


Wild clary (Salvia verbenaca)
Height: 30-90cm
Flowers: June to September


Brand Seedball
Code SbSM
Condition New
Type Seed

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