SALAD Mix of cut and come again salad leaves

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Salad Mix Seedballs
  • Cress, Kale, Green frill mustard, Red frill mustard and Salad rocket.
  • 20 balls per tin, 30 seeds per ball.
  • Easy to use, simply scatter on top of soil in a garden bed or planter.
  • Scatter in spring or autumn. Sprouts seen in 4-6 weeks.

Cress (Greek - Lepidium sativum)
A versatile salad item with a nice peppery flavour.

Kale (Red russian - Brassica oleracea)
Kale is also one of the most nutritious leafy vegetables you can find. Packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and iron! It can be eaten raw (best when leaves are young or steamed) or added to stir fry recipes.

Mustard (Green frills - Brassica juncea)
Spice up your salads and sandwiches with these bright green shoots which become serrated as they grow.

Mustard (Red frills - Brassica juncea)
The attractive and sweet leaves are finely serrated when young, then look more like mizuna when mature. The fringer burgundy-red leaves add the taste of mustard and horseradish to salads, stir fry recipes and sandwidches.

Salad rocket (Dentellata - Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa)
A lovely peppery flavour to salad, the younger leaves are milder, more tender and palatable. Leaves can also be lightly cooked as a delicious spinach substitute, added to sauces, stir fried or sautéed.

What is Seedball? 
A ball made from seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chili powder.

Why use Seedball? 
The ball prevents the seeds from being a tasty lunch for birds and insects, thereby increasing the chances of your flowers growing. Plus they're super easy to use, no digging and no expert knowledge needed!

What's in the tin? 
There are 20 balls in each tin, and around 30 seeds per ball.

How do I grow Seedball? 
Just throw onto soil or compost in a garden bed or planter. Your Seedball has everything it needs to grow and, once the ball becomes moist and the temperature is right, your seeds will germinate! 

What area will my Seedball cov


We would usually advise 20 seed balls per square metre, or 3-5 seed balls for a 35cm container.

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