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Forget-Me-Not - Wildflower Tube
Forget-Me-Not - Wildflower Tube
Forget-Me-Not - Wildflower Tube
Forget-Me-Not - Wildflower Tube
Forget-Me-Not - Wildflower Tube

Product Description

You are looking at a brand new Wildflower Tube of

Forget-Me-Not Seedballs

Forget-Me-Not seed balls, these delicate blue flowers grow really easily, and are great for popping into grooves and cracks along the edge of paving stones.

Every tube contains 20 seed balls, each packed with wildlife-friendly wildflower seeds (see below for plant details). These make for lovely gardening gifts, bee and butterfly gifts, eco friendly gifts or birthday gifts. They will work well in window boxes, balcony pots, garden beds and wildlife gardens. It’s time to rewild!

What is a Seedball?

A ball made from seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chili powder.

Why use Seedballs?

The ball prevents the seeds from being a tasty lunch for birds and insects, thereby increasing the chances of your flowers growing. Plus they’re super easy to use, no digging and no expert knowledge needed!

for more details on how to get the best from your seed balls. FAQ pageOne tube of seed bombs will cover 1 square metre in a garden bed or 3-5 medium sized pots (leave at least 10cm between each ball). Best scattered in Spring or Autumn.

Each seed ball contains approximately 50 Forget-Me-Not seeds.

Forget-me-not (Myosotis arvensis)

Short annual with blue-grey flowers occasionally interspersed with pink flowers.
Height: 10-40cm
Flowers: April to October
Forget me nots have been used in the past for their astringent properties. The name Myosotis is derivation of the Latin and Greek for mouse and ears.

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Forget me not
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Forget-Me-Not - Wildflower Tube

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Forget-Me-Not - Wildflower Tube. Scatter and Grow 20 Seedballs