Culti-mate Weeder - cultivator garden tool Blue handle

The new weeding, cultivating tool for the gardener. Blue
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Product description

The Culti-Mate Weeder is the new all-purpose small garden tool and "in my opinion is the best garden hand tool that I have found in the last few years." - recently retired Head Gardener of various prestigious estates and hotels.

Creates furrows easily for seed sowing and good for planting seedlings. Use it to break up soil, create edgings, scrape down pathways and other tasks.

With it's specially designed head this weeder will remove the entire root of a weed in one go.
  • Injection moulded tempered steel blade with a soft grip handle for quality and ease of use in either hand. As with any gardening task always wear gloves.
  • For small weeds grasp the ergonomic handle and scrape around the base of the weed, removing it gently from the soil. Drag the root out with the blade of the Culti-mate.
  • Use it to break up soil or weeding through gravel
  • Use it for planting too and great for seed sowing.
  • Available in Blue handled (original colour) or in Red handled
See video of the Cultimate.
Brand Grumpy Gardener
Condition New

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