About Gardeners Cottage

Gardeners Cottage specialises in useful items for the garden & gifts for all.

Why Gardeners Cottage? Because I lived in a house called that at the time

My first site Gardeners Cottage was setup in 2002 to give garden advice and to sell through the internet brand new, good quality, tried & tested (by me) products, especially innovative items that will help the gardener and when possible be 'green'. Gardeners Cottage is on eBay, OnBuy and my website: GardenersCottage

"My goal, has always been to sell good quality, useful, products at a reasonable price.  This I am able to do through my sites on the internet.  Speedy delivery of well packaged, good quality products is top of the list in my Customer Service, as well as good communication."  

Having started in nursery work I have always wanted to sell garden items and that has stayed with me throughout my career.  My garden training was at Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in Kent.  Since then I have been privileged to work and manage in some amazing gardens in East Sussex, Norfolk and Hertfordshire. I now have an allotment and so am able to continue  to 'test' the products before I offer them for sale.

Gardeners Cottage is now based in Dover, Kent where there is shop space so I can sell the same things that I have on the internet and also those things that are better picked up and felt rather than just seen in a picture.

Exciting award when Theo Paphitis (of Dragons Den) chose Gardeners Cottage to be part of #SBS (Small Business Sunday).


Thank you for looking
David Roberts