3 Long Water Spikes with adjustable drippers that fit most screwtop bottles

3 long Water Spikes that reach down into the roots. Automatic adjustable watering
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Product description

3 Long Water Spikes with 3 adjustable Aqua Balance drippers

Award winning ‘fill it & leave it’ waterers. Water can last up to 2½ – 3 weeks if a 2 litre bottle is used. The Watering Spike provides fully automatic, weather controlled, efficient watering. It utilises discarded plastic drinks bottles, or decorative flasks. The Long version can be used for deeper rooted plants in large deep pots, open ground such as vegetable plots, raised beds, etc. Watering Spikes can be used indoors or outdoors.

Comes in sealed clear polybag with full instructions.

The spike allows the water to drip to the root area of the plant so there is less evaporation thatn water on the top of the soil. Uses less water than 'normal' watering.

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colour Green
Size Long

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