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As a professional gardener I am particularly interested in looking after our friendly insects and therefore the flowers that they like too.  Where would we be without the bee?  Actually we would be nowhere, as the bee is our biggest friend for pollinating our fruit and various plants that we eat and need seed for. But you know what I mean. On this page there are bird feeders, insect homes and Seed Balls to sow a wildflower area for bees and butterflies and other insects

Seed balls are a great permaculture technique for growing seed in a more simple and effective way. Seedballs from Project MAYA have applied this technique to make wildflower seed balls, as growing wildflowers from seed can be super challenging!
Each seed ball contains a mini ecosystem: wildflower seeds are mixed with clay (between 100 and 200 seeds), peat-free compost and a smidgen of chili powder, and rolled into a small ball. Each ball is approximately 1cm in diameter, making them super easy to scatter.
Seed balls will work well in most environments 

Most items are sent with Royal Mail (Signed For) but large items like Smartedge are dispatched by courier to mainland UK only
Theo Paphitis awards Gardeners Cottage with #SBS
Gardeners Cottage receives #SBS award
from Theo Paphitis